If you want detailed information on the most cutting edge, effective hydrotherapy treatments for yourself, your family and friends, and even your pets, then you have come to the right place. Our website provides articles covering every imaginable area of this subject; and if you feel that something is missing, you can write in, and we will do our research and tell you what you want to know.

Hydrotherapy is a safe, age-old method of treating numerous ailments, from sore muscles and other basic injuries to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, and it simply uses water. Colonic hydrotherapy is also becoming popular as a cleansing, internal treatment that deals with a plethora of digestive and toxin-related disorders.

Even if we are in good health, we know how wonderful water can feel on our bodies. Not only do we wash in it, but many of us are familiar with the relaxed feeling we get after spending some time in a Jacuzzi.

Likewise, although pets often dread bathtime, we see how dogs delight in dipping into rivers, and nature documentaries show animals playing in water. More importantly, hydrotherapy has been used on animals for many years, with professional racers using cold baths and other water-based treatments to keep their horses in tip-top health.

Immersing our bodies in water is a form of hydrotherapy (think about how revitalised you feel after swimming), but to get the full benefits, the water depth, temperature and pressure must be regulated. Hot tubs, with their water jets and variable heat settings, are one way of achieving this.

There are also other treatments and pieces of equipment that work both inside and outside the body to create improved health and relaxation, but there are so many that you can often be unsure where to start. We are here to make things clear for you.

If you are considering professional treatment, you can expect special apparatus that is very different from what you will use at home. We provide information on those treatments, so you can gather facts before making any decisions. We also publish descriptions and reviews of home equipment. Maybe you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub, and want to know which one will be best for you. Look no further. You will find everything you need to help you choose right here.

Most people look for something smaller to use at home. Whirlpool bathmats are popular, less expensive alternatives to Jacuzzis, but there are various different sorts available. Likewise, adjustable shower heads have a range of therapeutic effects, but you must get the most suitable one. Our articles and reviews will help you to make informed decisions on which products to purchase.

Colonic hydrotherapy (also called colonic irrigation), on the other hand, is not generally done at home. Enema kits are available, but this is a powerful process involving sensitive body organs. Therefore, the safest, most effective treatments are available only at professional clinics. Our site discusses this method, why it is beneficial, and the best places to go if you wish to try it.

Hydrotherapy has no real side effects, but it is important that you know what you are embarking upon, which is why we provide up-to-date, accurate information on this website. We also recommend that you talk with a doctor, especially if you intend on using home apparatus. Still, you can rest assured that hydrotherapy is one of the safest, most gentle alternative therapies available, because it uses only water, and this is why we are passionate about providing this website as a sort of hydrotherapy encyclopaedia for your perusal.